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How to Use Video in Patient Education

How to Use Video in Patient EducationPatients are anxious, distracted and many times fearful during their stay. This makes teaching and learning much more difficult. As a result...
  • 50% of patients do not understand the information they receive while in the hospital.
  • 64% of patients say that no one at the hospital talked to them about managing their care at home. (2009 Survey reported by the Wall Street Journal)
  • 92% of hospitals received the lowest ratings for staff communication about medication (HCAHPS data from survey of more than 3500 hospitals).
Learn how to use video as part of your patient education process to improve patient education results. Download our ePaper on "How to Use Video in Patient Education" to learn:
  • 5 ways to integrate video into patient education
  • 6 lead-in's to set up a video session for the patient
  • 11 ideas for the follow up visit after the patient watches the video
  • The Key Paradigm Shift that needs to take place to reduce un-necessary re-admissions.

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