Video On Demand Helps Eliminate Inefficiencies in Hospital Education Efforts.

Reduce Hospital Readmissions

As healthcare costs continue to rise Medicare is clamping down on un-necessary hospital readmissions, estimated at $17 billion a year or 65% of total Medicare spending, by reducing reimbursements and adding penalties.

Hospitals must focus and do everything they can to reduce readmissions to recoup and increase their reimbursements and reduce Medicare penalties.

While much scrutiny is on hard costs, i.e. procedures and personel, research indicates that hospitals can save significant dollars by focusing on soft costs associated with patient education.

"Between 12 - 75% of all (hospital) readmissions can be prevented by proper education, especially dealing with discharge instructions on self care."  Arch Internal MED/VOL 160

This means a hospital can reduce readmissions by improving patient education. Learn how video and video on demand can help you improve patient education results and reduce readmissions. Complete the form on the right for your free download.

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